Do you want an inspired, high-performing sales force? The Agribusiness Relationship Mastery Experience (ARME) will provide your sales team with the tools they need to master customer relationships and drive results! 

Who is ARME for?

ARME training is designed for talented salespeople who want to get away from a “race to the bottom” price discussion and, instead, provide partnership-level value with more accounts.

How does ARME work?

We use multiple learning approaches to address learner needs. This includes:

  • A two-day intensive classroom experience
    • Highly interactive
    • Challenging and fun learning environment
  • 90 days of small group coaching
    • SG2T-certified coach guides coaching sessions, challenges preconceived notions and fosters growth
    • Small group setting (3-4 participants) creates a mastermind environment for peer-to-peer encouragement and advice
  • Strengthscope Standard Assessment
    • Results leveraged throughout coaching
  • Peer support
    • Goals are set as a group to facilitate a high degree of accountability
  • Daily messaging reinforcement via email
  • Group sales challenges based on percentage of growth (based on makeup/goals of each group) 

What can you expect?

ARME participants should expect to:

  • Accelerate their personal and professional growth through coaching and peer accountability
  • Target specific skill deficiencies to immediately enhance performance
  • Enhance strength areas to maximize long-term ROI
  • Stop surviving and learn how to trigger a thriving mindset day-after-day

What are people saying about ARME?

“[ARME] is different, compared to a lot of the sales courses I’ve taken in the past. It builds more of a holistic approach to being in sales. You’re dealing with your personal life, your family life, how that impacts our sales in the end and how effective we are when it comes to how we serve and take care of our customers.”

“Best training I’ve ever done – hands down. REAL LIFE EXAMPLES.”

“I really enjoyed the event. If we implement the tools, sales will go up.”


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